Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Time

Everybody says they need more hours in their days. I know I say that. The husband always says that. He really could use a few more. It's 10:30 pm and he's mowing the neighbors farm with a flashlight. He didn't get home till almost 8. Overtime again. That makes Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday all day, yesterday morning, last night and tonight. (Sorry about that rabbit trail).

I read something yesterday that shed a new light on the more hours in a day. "There are just enough hours in the day to do what God has for you to do." Wow! There's a thought.

I think I'm spending to much time trying to do. You know, housework, schoolwork, cooking, etc.

I wonder why I don't spend more time building relationships, especially with my kids? Why don't I play that game that Leeny keeps asking to play? Or read that book to Bubby? I know he's capable of reading it himself and you'd think he'd be sick to death of my voice, but he wants me to read it. Or why not have that tea party with The Bug? Why? Is my housework and such more important? Of course not!

God gave me these kids and the blessing of being home with them. He gave me the same 24 hours as the next person. I need to spend my time differently. I need to enjoy this time more. The housework isn't going to end. We live on a farm so the dirt is always going to come in even if I just swept the floor 5 minutes ago. But the kids won't always be here.

I don't need more hours in my day. I need to put the important things first.

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