Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm fairly picky about what my children eat. Now before you think poorly of me, I do allow them candy, ice cream and other forms of junk. I just put strict limits on it, much preferring they eat fresh fruit, cheese and good meals. Sugar really winds Bubby and Leeny up. The kids know that they must always ask before they can have candy. Don't just help yourself.

This morning Leeny came in and told me she had a dream. Usually I only half listen to her dreams because...well, they're kinda hard to follow. Anyway she tells me something about a merry-go-round that she was riding with Bubby and The Bug. The merry-go-round had lots of candy on it and Bubby and The Bug ate it. She didn't eat any because she didn't know if it was ok.

I couldn't help but laugh. How's that for training? She even asks permission in her dreams.

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