Friday, September 24, 2010


Sometimes it's hard to find time to visit with the Husband. Work, home projects, phones, neighbors and kids get in the way. Last night, I wanted to visit with him, just catch up with each other and run an idea past him before the kids did.
It was dark and he'd just finished mowing. I asked him to walk around the driveway with me. It was a beautiful night, the moon providing enough light that we could walk a short ways down the road. We started walking and was almost romantic.
I didn't tell the kids we were walking, I really hadn't planned to be outside long. They were watching tv and the Baby. I had told them I'd be back in a minute. I think they thought I ran to the bathroom. Oops!
We were outside less than 10 minutes. As we were walking back to the driveway, we see little people walking out to the shop - the Bug carrying the Baby, Bubby in his underwear and Leeny in a nightgown. Realizing the kids are trying to figure out where we are, the Husband says we should sneak up to the house, go in a different door and sit in the family room acting like we'd been there the whole time. Yes, we're weird like that. We think it's funny.
They spotted us first. The Husband wears safety green shirts with reflectors. He sort of stands out in a glowing sort of way. We came in the house and here is what was said:

Bug: I thought you broke a legal.
Me: What?
Bug: I thought you broke a legal.

I looked at Bubby and the Husband. For some reason, I couldn't grasp what she was saying. Neither could they. It didn't even make sense to me. And she looked so sure of what she was saying - at least at first. I must have made her repeat it like 5 times.

Bug: I thought you broke a legal and they took you to jail.

A law! Duh!
She thought the Husband and I got arrested for leaving the yard with the kids in the house. She thought they (the police) might have taken us to jail.
We assured her that we hadn't broken any "legals." Silly kid.

*For any concerned grandparents (like Memaw J), NO child was traumatized. They were all laughing.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Around Here...

Two weeks of the Husband being home, wonderful as it was, throws off our routine. The momentum we had going, has come to a screeching halt. It will take a few days, (actually I think, this time, it's harder on me than the kids) but life will get back to normal.

Bubby had a tooth extracted yesterday. He was in quite a bit of pain after. This tooth had started bothering him off and on since the middle of July. Then it got abscessed. The antibiotics didn't work. He started another, stronger antibiotic and it helped but didn't clear it up. The dentist decided to go ahead and pull it. I begged the Husband to take him. I hate watching (even being there) when teeth are pulled. He couldn't. I had to act like a "big girl" and tough it out.
Yes, I know that Bubby was the one getting the work done. He did very well. As a former fainter, I just hate that stuff!

The Bug, aka my right arm, is now playing soccer for 2 teams. Fortunately, we still only have practice 2 times per week. She is playing on the 5th and 6th grade team too. I love watching her play. Especially when she knocks a big kid down. That sounds awful. She's not mean to other kids. She just charges the ball and if you're in her way, you might find yourself laying in the grass. Poor Bubby found this out at practice last week. He was NOT happy about it!

Leeny is busy, busy, busy! Sometimes I think duck-taping her to something would be a good idea (although she'd be out in 3.4 seconds). Both her top front teeth are gone - too cute. She too is enjoying soccer. But I think she also has a crush on one of her team-mates. They follow each other around before and after games.

The Baby is approaching her first birthday. As much as I love watching her grow and develop, I can't help but be a little sad that it's went so fast. Too fast.
She is the only one around here who HATES soccer. I think it is because it's not about her. Really, she hates her stroller much preferring to be crawling all over (think soccer field during games, strangers, parking lot, etc.) Soccer games keep me very busy chasing her!
She is just about to walk. I catch her standing with no support all the time, yet she lacks the confidence to take a step. Soon, very soon!

Me? Well my weight is coming down. I'm down a size in both pants and shirts. My weight loss is now about 16 pounds. Slow but steady. I started Weight Watchers about 2 months ago. Other than that, not much new.
I love being a mom. I love homeschooling my kids (even on the tough days). I love watching things click - when they finally get something. Or even better, when they apply something we've learned from a book, to real life. That is one of the greatest, most gratifying aspects of homeschooling. The best part though, I love watching the relationships between my children - the friendship, the love, the laughter, the joy.


Leeny: My feet have ants biting them all over!

Me: What?! Where are ants?

Leeny: Well it feels like ants are biting them!

Me: Is your foot asleep?

Leeny: I guess so.

I don't think she's ever had her foot fall asleep. Hard to believe since she is 6!

Monday, September 20, 2010



Outside my window...sunny and warm (actually a bit too warm - it's the middle of September and it's about 90). The corn field across the street sits bare. Grass needs mowed.

I am thinking...too many thoughts. My mind is swirling and I'm having trouble staying focused.

I am thankful for...two weeks off work for the Hubby. Those were precious days. I'm really missing having him home today.

From the learning rooms...We've ended up with a two week break from the books. We tried the first few days he was home, but the kids trailed him. I'm sure they learned plenty that I couldn't have taught them from a book. Real life learning....the best! Today is our last day off. We're trying to get caught up on things around the house and mowing.

From the kitchen...baked mosticcoli, garlic bread, broccoli, homemade chunky applesauce

I am wearing...capri's and a blue t-shirt

I am creating...a clean and inviting home (well, trying)

I am get back to work on the house and get Bubby some Tylenol. He had a tooth extracted this morning.

I am reading...Blood on the River. It's about Jamestown. We are really enjoying it.

I am have the baby taking naps consistantly by the end of this week. What the heck, we'll shoot big....maybe she won't scream and throw up as an added bonus!

I am hearing...Bubby's dirtbike - he's just arriving home after checking his cows, the baby fussing because she wants to type, the grain dryer across the street, grasshoppers (or maybe it's crickets) reminding us that summer is ending.

Around the house...stuff, stuff and more stuff! A busy weekend of not being home equals a lot of stuff that needs put away.

One of my favorite things...all things pumpkin.....bread, cake, scones, oatmeal, pudding, pie....

A few plans for the rest of the week...schoolwork, soccer practice, nursery work at church, cleaning out the pool, vacuuming up cobwebs in the basement (it's spider season).

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Papa T. I'm missing him this week too. He's the Hubby's dad and spent nearly everyday here with us while we were residing. I loved having him join us for meals and just getting to visit. Hubby loved having that precious time with his dad. He was a HUGE help too!

Have a great week! For more simple women, go here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home Repairs

"Leeny, get me a pair of pliers." This is what I heard as I was working the dough for cinnamon rolls. I couldn't help but think "Oh, no!" What was he doing?
Running into the bathroom, this is what I found.

The little knob you pull up to keep water in the sink, wasn't working. Bubby decided to fix it. I didn't know he could. He looked just like a mini Husband. It didn't even take him very long.

My sink works again. I have a new handy-man.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Can See

Out of our toyroom that is. The husband put in a window for me. I love it!

Before. Well, it didn't have the white lines. You get the idea.

After. Well, it really has a window in it. But again, you get the idea.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Phase 1 of the reside project was to rip off all the old siding and repair any bad wood underneath. Fortunatly we only had a couple of bad spots. The kids really enjoyed ripping off the wood siding. It covered about 1/3 of our house. The rest was an old slate siding. It was not very fun to take off and was also slightly dangerous because the edges were so sharp. Memaw M got her scalp and lip cut and Papa TLC ended up with a fat lip as well.

Bubby spent quite a bit of time pulling old nails out.

The Bug liked to see how big of pieces she could rip off.

Leeny was the tractor operator. She's 6.

I came out to see her raising the Husband up in the bucket. Made me nervous. But, she did a fantastic job! She has been the "bucket" girl for most of the project thus far.

Monday, September 6, 2010



Outside my window...ladders and buckets, sawhorses and saws, tractor, drink coolers, scrap wood, insulation pieces. The siding project is well under way. We have had beautiful weather and today promises to be another gorgeous day. Maybe a little windy, but workable.

I am thinking...about a little boy in my Sunday School Class that has a really rough home life. He was talking about hanging himself yesterday - half joking (I hope). What makes a 9 year old think about suicide? My heart is so burdened for him.

I am thankful for...a normal, happy home. A place where my kids know they are loved. A husband that takes time with his kids, not just for discipline, but for the everydayness of life.

From the learning rooms...the usual. The 3 R's. Maybe a little nature journaling. Hopefully some progress in History, but not sure how much bookwork we'll get done when we have such a great learning opportunity going on in the yard.

From the kitchen...breakfast pizza this morning and BBQ chicken, twice baked potatoes, green beans and banana cool tonight.

I am wearing...jean capri's and pink t-shirt

I am creating...a digital photo album of our siding project

I am change sheets today, finish cleaning the front room and toy room, cook, snuggle my baby, read to my next baby, teach the Bug how to make Banana cool, and play a game with Bubby.

I am reading...not much for me this week. Reading The Light and The Glory for Kids to the kids.

I am hoping...that my Nani in Arizona is soon to have no more pain from this darn cancer and instead, will be worshiping, pain free, at the feet of Jesus.

I am hearing...the Husband and Father-in-law discussing the plan for today, the wind blowing through the dry corn field (LOVE that sound), the Baby jabbering, and the radio softly in the background.

Around the house...laundry (it never ends), a few toys, tools and stacks of library books

One of my favorite things...seeing the combines in the fields

A few plans for the rest of the week....taking the Bug to the Dr., Bubby to the dentist, being available to help the Husband, cooking, baking a pumpkin cake, working on nursery stuff for church, getting to the orchard for more apples and cider.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

They are a big part of the labor force around here. They removed all this siding by themselves.

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