Friday, September 24, 2010


Sometimes it's hard to find time to visit with the Husband. Work, home projects, phones, neighbors and kids get in the way. Last night, I wanted to visit with him, just catch up with each other and run an idea past him before the kids did.
It was dark and he'd just finished mowing. I asked him to walk around the driveway with me. It was a beautiful night, the moon providing enough light that we could walk a short ways down the road. We started walking and was almost romantic.
I didn't tell the kids we were walking, I really hadn't planned to be outside long. They were watching tv and the Baby. I had told them I'd be back in a minute. I think they thought I ran to the bathroom. Oops!
We were outside less than 10 minutes. As we were walking back to the driveway, we see little people walking out to the shop - the Bug carrying the Baby, Bubby in his underwear and Leeny in a nightgown. Realizing the kids are trying to figure out where we are, the Husband says we should sneak up to the house, go in a different door and sit in the family room acting like we'd been there the whole time. Yes, we're weird like that. We think it's funny.
They spotted us first. The Husband wears safety green shirts with reflectors. He sort of stands out in a glowing sort of way. We came in the house and here is what was said:

Bug: I thought you broke a legal.
Me: What?
Bug: I thought you broke a legal.

I looked at Bubby and the Husband. For some reason, I couldn't grasp what she was saying. Neither could they. It didn't even make sense to me. And she looked so sure of what she was saying - at least at first. I must have made her repeat it like 5 times.

Bug: I thought you broke a legal and they took you to jail.

A law! Duh!
She thought the Husband and I got arrested for leaving the yard with the kids in the house. She thought they (the police) might have taken us to jail.
We assured her that we hadn't broken any "legals." Silly kid.

*For any concerned grandparents (like Memaw J), NO child was traumatized. They were all laughing.

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