Monday, September 6, 2010



Outside my window...ladders and buckets, sawhorses and saws, tractor, drink coolers, scrap wood, insulation pieces. The siding project is well under way. We have had beautiful weather and today promises to be another gorgeous day. Maybe a little windy, but workable.

I am thinking...about a little boy in my Sunday School Class that has a really rough home life. He was talking about hanging himself yesterday - half joking (I hope). What makes a 9 year old think about suicide? My heart is so burdened for him.

I am thankful for...a normal, happy home. A place where my kids know they are loved. A husband that takes time with his kids, not just for discipline, but for the everydayness of life.

From the learning rooms...the usual. The 3 R's. Maybe a little nature journaling. Hopefully some progress in History, but not sure how much bookwork we'll get done when we have such a great learning opportunity going on in the yard.

From the kitchen...breakfast pizza this morning and BBQ chicken, twice baked potatoes, green beans and banana cool tonight.

I am wearing...jean capri's and pink t-shirt

I am creating...a digital photo album of our siding project

I am change sheets today, finish cleaning the front room and toy room, cook, snuggle my baby, read to my next baby, teach the Bug how to make Banana cool, and play a game with Bubby.

I am reading...not much for me this week. Reading The Light and The Glory for Kids to the kids.

I am hoping...that my Nani in Arizona is soon to have no more pain from this darn cancer and instead, will be worshiping, pain free, at the feet of Jesus.

I am hearing...the Husband and Father-in-law discussing the plan for today, the wind blowing through the dry corn field (LOVE that sound), the Baby jabbering, and the radio softly in the background.

Around the house...laundry (it never ends), a few toys, tools and stacks of library books

One of my favorite things...seeing the combines in the fields

A few plans for the rest of the week....taking the Bug to the Dr., Bubby to the dentist, being available to help the Husband, cooking, baking a pumpkin cake, working on nursery stuff for church, getting to the orchard for more apples and cider.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

They are a big part of the labor force around here. They removed all this siding by themselves.

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