Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Phase 1 of the reside project was to rip off all the old siding and repair any bad wood underneath. Fortunatly we only had a couple of bad spots. The kids really enjoyed ripping off the wood siding. It covered about 1/3 of our house. The rest was an old slate siding. It was not very fun to take off and was also slightly dangerous because the edges were so sharp. Memaw M got her scalp and lip cut and Papa TLC ended up with a fat lip as well.

Bubby spent quite a bit of time pulling old nails out.

The Bug liked to see how big of pieces she could rip off.

Leeny was the tractor operator. She's 6.

I came out to see her raising the Husband up in the bucket. Made me nervous. But, she did a fantastic job! She has been the "bucket" girl for most of the project thus far.

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