Saturday, April 3, 2010


We haven't had the best of luck with breeding turkeys. We chose to raise a variety that would be able to "handle" things on their own. (Apparently that is rare with modern breeds.) It's been almost 2 years since we purchased Tom and Jenny #1. They were about a year old then. Tom acted like a tom. Jenny didn't quite know what she was. The poor gal started growing a beard. And she just didn't act quite right. By the end of that summer, something had chewed off her head and we were left with a lonely Tom.

Feeling pity for the downhearted Tom, we bought Jenny #2 last spring. She seemed to get that she was a girl. No beards. And she got the whole nesting concept. Only problem was, she wouldn't lay eggs. And she was a thief! She would steal chicken eggs and lay on them. Tom, not happy with the situation, would rid the nest of the eggs. She in turn would continue to sit....only on rocks....for almost 6 months! Toward the end of the nesting spell, The Husband put a few chicken eggs under her. Tom apparently had given up on Jenny #2, resigning himself to a life of solitude. He left the eggs alone and they hatched. She then gave up nesting and returned to Tom's side.

Last month Bubby and I witnessed Tom and know....."handling" things. Right in my backyard. Right on the path to my clothesline. Anyway we now have one happy Tom.

And guess who's sitting on a nest of several TURKEY eggs? That's right....Jenny!

I don't think she chose the best or safest spot to nest. It seems like she could easily be attacked by any number of things, including Leeny. Of course Leeny is who found the nest. But, we finally have a turkey that has laid her own eggs and is sitting on them. I guess I'll be happy with that.

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