Friday, April 16, 2010

My 2nd Conscience

I have a certain child who is painfully honest. For example she has told me that I need to start using "that cream" so you don't get wrinkles in your face. She pointed out to Memaw that she can't see her belly button. She doesn't do it out of a mean spirit, it's just her. It usually cracks us up. But sometimes she is like a much needed 2nd conscience, especially when I'm ignoring mine.
Yesterday during our running around, lunch time had come and gone and we had not eaten. My blood sugar was dropping fast and I was starting to get crabby. We finally got to the restaurant and we were ordering drinks. Bubby was in la-la land (actually he was reading the menu, but as I mentioned, I was a crab). I ordered mine, the girls ordered theirs, and then it was his turn. He looks up and says, "I'll have the shrimp." We tell him that we're ordering drinks, and he gets this blank look like he hadn't even considered that. Of course I'm ready to strangle him!
About 5 minutes later some guy walks by and says the same thing that everybody says when you have more than the average 1.3 kids. "Boy you have your hand full." I in turn tell him that my hands are very blessed.
Then that child, the one who can be my conscience, says, "You know mom, sometimes you don't act like your blessed." OUCH! And she was right. I wasn't acted blessed right then. So I apologized and adjusted my attitude. Bubby got his shrimp. We all ate and laughed and the time was redeemed.
Someday I hope that child gets a 2nd conscience too.

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