Thursday, April 22, 2010

Harder Than It Looks

He has big shoes to fill. His daddy is one of the hardest working men I've ever known. And his daddy never complains about hard work. Bubby wants to be like his daddy.
Bubby is purchasing his herd of cattle from Papa T. He's got his first payment plan and he's got 5 cows. The cows live down the road at Uncle R's farm.

The pasture has thistles and lots of fence that needs checked. The thistles must be dug out. Daddy isn't doing it for him.

So he drives his 6-wheeler a mile down the road with a watch, a spade and a water bottle and goes to work. A 10 year-old man in the making. I drive down to check on him. (He's still my little guy and there are 5 big cows and a bull in that pasture!) He's dug out about 6 thistles in 35 minutes. "This is harder than it looks," he says.

So is being a man, Bubby. So is being a man.

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