Thursday, April 15, 2010

Real Life + Real Books = Education

Today we had to run lots of errands. We needed the oil changed in the Suburban. All but Leeny needed some summer clothes, so a trip for clothes was in order. Of course we couldn't forget the shoes. Bubby's were almost a whole size too small. We had to eat. So Oh Charlie's was decided on. Finishing up the day was a mega trip to Sam's. No chance for schooling today, right? Wrong.

I had never really considered the value of real life - at least in recording it as a school day. But at convention this year, it seemed to be a recurring theme for me. Mind you, I have no intention of skipping the books. I just never counted real life as a "school day". Today though, I did.

We started out listening to a story about Bach and his music. It was fun realizing how much of his music we hear on tv and radio commercials. So we covered music appreciation and history. During the oil change, Bubby read a book and watched the news. Current events? Maybe. Reading? Check. Shopping was defiantly a math lesson (for me too - I was counting kids the whole time). On and on the list goes. We even listened to a Science Adventure CD on the way home.

You know what I realized though? I can't always categorize everything my kids learn - math, reading, history, etc. But I can't underestimate the things they learn that don't fit. Like learning to look people in the eye and order for themselves in a restaurant and patience when 40 jars of baby food have to price corrected one. jar. at. a. time. Where do you put following directions, building relationships, meeting new people, being able to comfortably communicate with people of all ages and unloading and putting away tons of food and clothes?

I don't know. Sometimes it just doesn't fit in the educational boxes. But they are learning.

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  1. I love reading about your life....keep up with the great posts! :) - Jodi