Friday, April 23, 2010

Little Baker

The Bug has developed an interest in baking. So I decided to use that to my advantage and teach her one of my favorite cakes, homemade angel food.

She did a great job of separating the egg whites and measuring. We really had a lot of fun. And she did pretty much all of it herself.

We had only a small mess when we were finished. Now I understand why my mom always cleaned up the kitchen after me. I cleaned up after The Bug. Must be a mom thing. Or maybe we don't want ants. Anyway, the counter was sticky.

The cake baked and we let it cool. Then we planned to get a picture of it - to remember how perfectly it turned out.'s angel food and homemade at that. We couldn't resist. Here's the picture with a few pieces gone.

Good job Bug! You did a wonderful job! You're well on your way to being a great cake maker!

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