Friday, April 23, 2010

Leeny and Chores

(Pardon the outfit. Leeny thinks since the pants and shirt have stripes, it's a match. The Bug is mortified by her lack of fashion sense.)
Leeny told The Husband that she was ready to start getting allowance like Bubby and The Bug. She wanted to know how much he planned to pay her.
The Husband wanted to know what she planned to do in order to earn allowance. She said she plans to take care of the dairy goats. He told her that he'd have to see how hard of a worker she was before he'd know how much she was worth.
Leeny takes her jobs seriously. She's always been a great helper. And eager too. So out she went to water. But she watered them with a flower watering can! Why I'm surprised, I don't know. That's just like her. Instead of a few trips carrying 1 gallon watering buckets, she took at least 20 trips using her little flower waterer.

I hope she realizes that she's not getting paid per trip!

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