Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cleaning Rooms

We were ready to walk out the door for church on Sunday. Because we were running late, we decided to go visit a church down the road instead of going to our church. As we were heading out the door, the phone rang. The Husband was going to work. Again. Friday night. Saturday night. And now Sunday.
I told the kids to go change, we were staying home. Then I told them they might as well start on their rooms. Talk about a mess!
They started at 10:30. Bubby didn't finish until 7. His room looked great. He cleaned off shelves, boxed up old toys, swept his floor, etc. Here he is organizing tapes and Cd's. Caught in the act of cleaning.

The girls were done in about 2 hours. Needless to say, their room isn't nearly as well done as his. Here is what I found them doing.
The Bug was supposedly straightening her bed. Should I buy it? Maybe.

Leeny, Leeny, Leeny. What to do with her? This is obviously NOT cleaning. Inventory? Maybe.

I'll just pretend she was taking inventory of all the clothes that need to be boxed up.

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