Monday, May 3, 2010

Dual Purpose Shoes

Over the weekend I purchased Leeny a pair of flip-flops that light up when you take a step. I knew when I bought them that they were poorly made and wouldn't last long. But my mom thought that Leeny and cousin K would love them. So my sister and I each bought a pair. Well I don't know what K thought, but Leeny was pretty impressed with them.
They didn't even last through church! The heel fell off and out came the light. They are fixable, just not during the sermon. Leeny stuck the heel and the light in her pocket assured that mommy would fix them later with the Gorilla Glue.
Well we got home and I was exhausted. A nap sounded better. When I woke up, Leeny greeted me with her new invention. She found a police car that belonged to Bubby and a roll of clear tape. She taped the light to the top of that car. And when she pushes the car, the red and blue lights flash. It looks pretty real.
I guess that pair of shoes wasn't a waste of money after all.

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