Monday, May 24, 2010

Food Choices

Well Leenly is turning 6 tomorrow. In honor of her special day, she is having her best buddy over for the night. Tomorrow we are heading to town for ear piercing, pina coladas (non-alcoholic of course), riding the carousel at the mall and a trip to Sam's (not sure how excited they'll be about that part).
So tonight we decided to eat at Dairy Queen. The husband's idea for cooking. I chopped off a hefty chuck of my right thumb (OUCH!!!) and cooking, (zippers, hair clips, diaper changing, dishes, etc.) is pretty difficult. On the way there, Tiny (the friend) tells me that she doesn't eat hot dogs because they have animal hair in them. YUCK! Then she tells me that hamburgers are out too because someone ate hamburger and died 12 days later.
You should have seen the look Leeny gave me. It was a "I can't believe you've fed me that stuff!" kind of look. I told her it was okay to eat it. She just gave me "the look" and ordered chicken. She's always been my least likely to eat meat, now I think it just got worse.

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