Friday, May 28, 2010

Lacking Motivation and Thumb

I planned to go pick strawberries today and make jam and strawberry syrup. Then I remembered my aching thumb and realized that cleaning the berries would be next to impossible. So that's pushed to next week. I hope they still have berries to pick.

I hung a load of clothes out on the line. Of course pushing the clothes pins open caused spasms of pain through my thumb. I guess I won't be doing any more laundry today.

I have 3 loads to fold...should I do them or have the kids? It might aggravate my thumb, you know.

I did unload and reload the dishwasher. But that caused pain too every time the water hit it.

Actually, my thumb is healing very well. If I keep a couple of band-aids on, it creates a nice protection from bumps and bangs. I think I had better go get some band-aids on it, lest I moan and groan all day.

I think my to-do list is just longer than my motivation! It's hard to get busy when you have the sweetest little baby sound asleep on you. She is so cuddly and quiet and still right now. Very rare now that she is mobile.

Plans for today:

-weed strawberry patch

-weed potatoes

-till up spinach (didn't grow well)

-plant sweet potatoes, melons, more cucumbers and squash

-put newspaper and straw around green beans, beets, peas and potatoes

-make home made pizza

-clean kitchen

-mop floor

-clean my room

Well that should keep me busy for a while. If I get done, maybe I'll surprise the Husband and mow the neighbor's farm for him. I mowed ours last night instead of cooking supper. Mowing doesn't bother my thumb at all.

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