Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lessons and Other Happenings

Freshly picked strawberries taste unbelievably good before you refrigerate them. After refrigeration, they taste like grocery store strawberries. So eat lots and lots after picking.

Pampered Chef includes a safety holder with their Ultimate Slicer/Grater. You should use it. It will save you from slicing off a chunk of your thumb. Thumbs take a long time to heal. We won't have to worry about me using that safety because I'm never using that tool again. Think food processor instead.

Nine inch square pyrex baking dishes will do damage to your foot should you drop it from 5 feet in the air. Not that anyone would willingly do that. But in the event you stick the dish on top of a box of clothes and forget it's there when you lift it out of your suburban, don't say I didn't warn you.

If the janitor at Prompt Care sticks a sticker on your 8 month old baby when you are limping out of there at 9:30 pm, remember to remove the sticker. Babies can get them off of their clothes and eat them. Thank God she didn't choke!

If you leave paper on the floor, the Baby will eat it or tear it to shreds. Don't leave Vacation Bible School Orders on the floor!

Kids will swim in any temperature water. Even if the water is so cold that they are shivering, can't feel their legs and their lips are blue. Oh to be a kid again.

I think those are the main lessons for the past 10 days or so. In other news:

The baby is 8 months old today. I want to post some pictures of her later. I'm not sure how well they'll turn out though. She is mobile and never holds still anymore. Maybe if she's asleep....

Leeny lost another tooth. She is now missing the bottom two. So cute.

The Bug has learned to hot roll her hair. We just might need another bathroom now. She's hogging the one we have.

Bubby is preparing his first speech. He gets to give it at 4-H tonight. He's speaking about his goats. Hope he keeps it to 2 minutes or less! Pictures later.

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  1. The girls rolled their hair in curlers for hours the night she stayed here! LOL