Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For My Nanny

Mom called last night and said that the pain is getting very bad and your time here is drawing to a close. It's been almost 5 years since I've seen you and I wish I could see you again. But too many miles and 4 kids makes it impossible. I know I'll see you again, just not on this Earth.
I've been taking a trip down memory lane and wanted to share some of those memories with you. So many happy times and lots of laughter. I wanted you to know that I have lots of happy memories with you (and Bapi). So here goes:

-Rides on the mopeds

-making horderves at Aunt Debbies (don't remember if it was for Christmas or New Years)

-Giant stuffed bunny rabbits as big as we were (we played with those things a lot)

-pretty ruffled dresses

-Playing BINGO around the counter at mom's house- you had real prizes for us kids - IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN!

-Staying at the beach the summer of '88 and making sand candles with us

-Coming to AZ by myself the summer I was 16 - we went to Mexico, we laughed till we about cried, you getting me dressed up to pass for 21 (and I did)- remember the blue eyeshadow?, and gambling for the first time. That was a great trip. Loved it!

-Going to Silver Creek Falls - what a beautiful place and you probably hurt so badly, but you walked all those trails with us.

-The A& P Store - that place was so cool. All the candy, hamburgers and Nintendo...a kids dream!

- Seeing mom smile when she was around you - priceless

-You taught me how to count back change - when I taught Bubby, I told him that it was you who taught me. As I teach the rest, you'll be getting the credit.

-Pac-Man - I can still play a pretty good game. I had the high score at the campground last weekend. Wish I could play you a game again.

-Do you remember teaching me how to make cream puffs? I do. We made them in the first apartment in AZ. I still love making them.

- Roast beef sandwiches with mustard and red onion. I remember eating those when we'd come to visit at camp grounds. Every time I eat one of those, it's like taking a trip back in time. Still my favorite way to eat them.

-Lots and Lots of laughter!

-My high School Graduation - I so appreciated that you came back for that. I know I probably never told you, but it meant a lot.

I have so many more memories, but time is running out. The baby wants to be nursed and has no appreciation for trips down memory lane. But, I hope you get the idea that I have lots of good memories that I'll carry forever. I love you Nanny!


  1. So sorry to hear about your Grandmother. This is a lovely post, though. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. This was so awesome S...... woa almost typed something i shouldn't have. Im printing it out now and taking it over to her. I so remember the bingo you mentioned and i wonder if our younger sibs do. That trip to AZ when you were 16 was so awesome i treasure that trip, its when we became "friends" not cousins.

    Love you all so much and miss yous.