Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Idol of the Seen

Idols. Not good. But I am realizing that I have them. What are they? Idols of the seen. I can so easily make idols out of things that are seen. Clean floors, dusted furniture, the counters empty of clutter, the entryway swept and know a clean house that stays clean. So that when people come over, they can see what I do. A house that stays clean despite the 5 people who use it all day every day. A house that stays clean at the expense of the art projects, play dough (no way), Polly Pockets (ughhh!) and so on. But I'm learning.
I have discovered something that seems to be working. A nice compromise, something I can live with. After we finish formal schoolwork (we're never really done learning, right?), I list all the things that need accomplished for the day. Laundry folded and put away, floor swept, trash burned, dishwasher unloaded, chemicals added to pool, entryway cleaned, yard mowed, tomatoes picked and so on. Then we tackle the list. Everybody helps. When we are finished, that is the end of the housework/yardwork for the day. If I think of or see something else that needs done, it goes on the list for the next day.
I know my worth isn't based on what I accomplish in a day. But, as a stay-at-home mom, it's hard to remember that. I mean I'm home all day. People wonder what I do with all my spare time (as if I have so much). It's hard to keep in the forefront of my mind that loving and laughing and living and playing are the most important. That teaching my kids is better. Building relationships are vital.
Cleaning has a place and we are doing it. But my house is going to look lived in. There will be clutter on my counters. Hopefully the bathroom will remain cleaner than a gas station. The kids will have art projects taped to the walls and drying sometimes on the floor. There will be dishes in the sink because I cook and feed my family 3 times a day and sometimes I just can't keep up. Be careful as you walk because the baby will have dumped out something on the floor.
But my kids will be happy. They will be loved. They will love and serve others. And they will know how to work. But this momma is NOT going to make idols out of what my house could look like!


  1. Well said, Stacey. I may need to read this every day so I can follow your advice! Love ya.