Sunday, August 22, 2010

Swimming with Memaw J

Memaw J took the afternoon off to take her grandkids swimming.

I tried to keep the baby occupied with toys, snacks, juice and watching the other kids. That didn't last too long and I had to take her in the pool.

First off, some of the kids had to show off their diving board skills. The Bug has mastered the dive, so her newest skill is cartwheels. Very fun to watch.

Bubby did cartwheels too. His were not quite as graceful as the Bug's, but were very funny to watch.

Of course Niece K had to show us her tricks. This was her "dive." Beautiful ;)

Leeny was up next. She couldn't decide what to do.
Memaw J took the baby for a while.

Goofballs. They were playing follow the leader and acting like cowboys. They were having so much fun!

Serious discussions. Memaw and Leeny.

We are so fortunate to be able to use this pool whenever we like. We love it!

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