Thursday, August 5, 2010


I'm not much on going to fairs anymore. It was way more fun when we were kids and someone else was footing the bill. Fairs are soooooo expensive!

Bubby is in 4-H and had to do at least one project for the fair. He chose Meat Goats and Small Engines. We really had planned to start our projects early. But you know how it goes. You put it off for a week, then another and before you know it, the fair is one week away and your son is going to be at camp that week.

Lucky for us, we didn't have to do the small engine project and since he raises goats, all we really had to do was put together a display on one aspect of raising them. Easy enough. Well he went and got a BLUE Ribbon! Yeah Bubby! (A blue ribbon is like getting an A.) Then when we went to pick up his project, we found a green ribbon too. That was a "Best of Show" ribbon and had he been old enough, he could have taken it to the State Fair. He was too young by 4 months.

Luckily, the judging took place the day they were setting up for the fair and we didn't have to go back till the day they were tearing down everything. We got to skip the whole thing! No rides, expensive food, none of it! I didn't make it to the fair at all.

I think next year we should do Cooking. They can bake a cake. The Bug will be old enough to participate too. We are in the kitchen all the time, so that would be easy. But Bubby plans to show a goat (YUCK!) and the Bug wants to do something with her chickens. Oh boy!

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