Saturday, August 21, 2010

She's 10 Months

Actually she has been 10 months for a couple of weeks. I've been a little slow about getting the pictures off my camera and on to the computer.
If someone can run while they crawl, that would be what the Baby does. Boy, can she move! It's so funny to watch. She obviously didn't get her coordination from me. If I tried to crawl that fast, I'd end up on my nose.

Because she is always with me, she is learning all sorts of household chores. Currently her favorite is unloading the dishwasher. She loves to empty the silverware, chew on it and then leave it on the floor. (I did not teach her this). I get to pick it up and rewash it. Talk about a mother's work never being done!

Her smile just melts my heart and it's impossible to stay upset with her. She makes the cheesiest faces.

The baby has developed one habit that is not going to work for our family....screaming. It drives the Husband and I bananas. The spray bottle was supposed to be used to squirt her in the face when she screams, causing the unwanted behavior to stop. She thinks the spray bottle makes a great chew toy.

She's pulling up and walking along furniture, getting brave enough to go it one-handed. I fully expect she'll be walking at 11 months, following in the Bug's footsteps.
The baby is so much fun, exhausting but fun. She still isn't sleeping through the night but is starting to consistently take naps. She is also starting to eat real food (which she loves) and drink from her sippy cup. She is much to nosey to nurse when we are out and about so the sippy cup comes in handy.
I can't believe that we're already entering the toddler stage! The baby stage just flew by. But I'll enjoy the new adventure and make lots of memories.

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