Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Simply Lovely Day

The Husband worked his regular hours Friday, had physical therapy for his shoulder, took us out to eat and then headed to his mom's house. Half a mile from her house poor Hubby got called back to work. Good old fast moving storms. He didn't get off work until 8:30 am Saturday. Then he went to help his mom and step-dad install a wood floor. That guy amazes me...he's been awake for 41 hours and doesn't complain or get grouchy. He works sooo hard. And the heat has been awful with temps in the upper 90's and the heat index over 105 all week.
So what did the kids and I do? I almost feel guilty considering what the Husband had to do. We had the most relaxing day. Other than some laundry, we didn't do anything. I read a book (the whole thing), the baby laughed and giggled and followed her siblings around the house. We played a game, ate a leisurely breakfast and had hot fudge sundaes for a snack. Bubby played in his room and watched a movie. The Bug and Leeny played in the toy room. It was a wonderful day with everyone happy and healthy.
We finally ventured out around 4:00 to see how the Husband was doing. He was still going strong. In fact, he wanted to attend the Truck Pulls. We went. I pooped out before him. By 11 pm, the Suburban was loaded up and I was begging him to leave. After all, the kids and I were tired. ;)
He's finally asleep and I imagine he'll sleep for a good long time. If his phone rings tonight, I might just shut it off.

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