Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting Packed

I am shocked at the amount of stuff it takes to go camping! The kids and I are joining my dad, step-mom, and little sisters for an exciting weekend of camping and waterpark fun. I'm very excited, just overwhelmed by the stuff. Will it all fit in the back of the truck? Will I need a trailer? Let's hope not.
We have several big items...3 bikes, 3 fishing poles, stroller and walker. Then there are the 2 coolers, the 2 rubbermaid totes holding bedding, towels, diapers and the baby's and my clothes, the box holding the non-perishable foods, the bag with our pillows, the bag with the older kids' clothes, the tent (for my all the kids + my oldest little sis (Thanks Chelle)), air mattresses and floats.
Thankfully the Hubby will help me pack it in and tie it down. I'd hate to leave a trail down the interstate!
Oh! I better not forget the camera. Lots of pictures coming.

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