Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just Checking In

Life has been flying by at warp speed. It seems like every time I start to catch up, a whole week has gone by. One minute it's Friday and before I know it, it's Friday again. WOW!

What's been going on around here? Let's see.....
Connecting with old friends. We just haven't taken much time the past year to spend with the G family. We've really missed them. So, we've been swimming several times and hanging out together. Fun times!
Speaking of swimming, I am so thankful for our pool. I'm not so happy about the water that turned GREEN. Thanks to the helpful pool supply store (and more $$ spent) the water is well on its way to being normal again. Thank God! I don't like to swim in ponds and my pool was too closely resembling one.
This past week, I've fished a hair clip, a ton of paper pieces, a cap, a piece of chalk and a watch battery out of the Baby's mouth. The battery actually was more of a choking issue, but no harm done. That kid puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. None of my other kids did this. New territory for me. Scares me to death! And can't turn my head for a second.
The Bug is getting over some nasty cold. It's lasted for over a week. I might need to buy stock in Kleenex. Of course, Leeny came down with it today.
Bubby left for camp today. It felt like leaving a piece of my heart there. He won't get back till Friday night. I think he'll have a blast. Can't wait to hear about it. The Husband is going to visit tomorrow. Apparently I didn't pack enough clothes; one outfit per day with an extra change of clothes is not enough according to other moms. The Husband is taking Bubby more. He's also delivering a few packages for mail call. One for Bubby and a few for his friends. You see, if you receive a package during camp, they throw you in the lake. (Maybe that's why he needs more clothes?!)
Enough for now. This warp speed life is exhausting me. I need sleep!

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