Friday, July 16, 2010

My Little Camper

We picked up Bubby from camp. He had a great time. The week really flew by, although by Wednesday, I was ready for him to come home.
Of course, I quizzed him the whole way home. I get the ability to ask questions from my mother. Drives some people nuts! The drive over seems so long, but the way home, not so much. He is so sweet to answer everything, even when I ask questions faster than he can answer. He doesn't even get frustrated with me.
He was awarded "Camper of the Week," which entitles him to a free week of camp next year. Way to go Bubby! But, he's planning on going two different weeks, so it still costs me.
The whole flag raising thing before breakfast was his least favorite. "You know what the worst part of that was? Walking through the wet grass and having your socks get soaked so early." (I guess next year, I'll send his mud/chore boots so he can have dry feet for the flag raising.
Apparently nobody got thrown in the lake for receiving packages because some kid cried, so they don't do that anymore. But he did have to act like a monkey in order to get his package. And the day he received 4 letters, he sang "Down on the Corner" by CCR.
He had the "time of his life at Camp Mac" and can't wait to go again, although he was ready to come home. He was so excited when I pulled in the driveway, that he ran in front of the truck and I nearly ran him over. That would have put a damper on the reunion.
The food was good. They got plenty of snacks. He went through lots of water balloons. They learned to tell the whole Bible in a minute and a half. The talent show was funny. He made a couple of new friends, Connor and Zane. One girl there was "evil, not mean Mom, EVIL!" You can also ask a girl to go to the campfire with you and it's like asking them out. (I didn't know we were ready for that, but OK). But he didn' year maybe. Oh and they sometimes hold hands, but he didn't see anyone kissing. (Oh MY GOSH! Too much info. Mom is NOT ready for this.)
So, his favorite part of camp - his new girlfriend. WHAT? You send your kid to CHURCH camp and he comes home talking about girls. Go figure! I learned that her birthday is in May, she has blond, curly hair, wears glasses, likes the paddle boat, etc., etc., etc. "What's her name?" I ask.
Bubby says, "I don't know. I'll just go back next year and find her cause I won't forget what she looks like and then I'll get her name."

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  1. Carlee will be heart broken! LOL Sounds like he had a great time.