Friday, July 16, 2010

Look Who's 9 Months!

It's true. My little peanut is 3/4 of a year old. These 9 months have flown by. I guess that happens as we get older.
The Baby is pulling up on anything, stationary or not. She walks with help and crawls VERY fast. She will eat anything, even if it's not meant to be eaten. We won't even talk about all the things I've fished out of her mouth. She's playful and while she is still quite the mommy's girl, she is venturing off to play for short times. The Baby is babbling, saying "da-da", something resembling "bubba" or "bye" and starting to wave (barely). She LOVES to be outside and the chickens fascinate her. Her 4th tooth just popped through, giving her two on bottom and two on top.
This is the Baby's "new" favorite toy. That's why her pictures were taken on it. She rarely got off of it for almost a week.

It's really not a new toy. It was given to me on either my first birthday or first Christmas. This car resided in the toy closet at Grammy & Grandad's for years. The 6 oldest grand kids spent many hours driving up and down the halls and honking the horn (which still works!). The car was gifted to me again at my 16th birthday. It was wrapped in a large box and I got to carry it out of Red Lobster (slightly embarrassing). It spent the next many years in mom's attic. When she moved, it came here. I loved this car!

The Baby does too. Especially when her older siblings push her around the house.

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