Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh, What A Night

The Baby hasn't slept for 2 nights. I'm pooped! Last night though, was almost funny.
I had rocked the baby to sleep by 9:30. I was reading a book and enjoying snuggling with her. About 10:30, I was putting her in her bed and she woke. No big deal, I figured I'd just rock her again. But it was a big deal. Something was wrong with her for the 2nd night in a row. Teeth? Ears? Missing the kids? She wouldn't nurse. She wouldn't take her binky. She wouldn't stop fussing.
Finally about midnight, I had her good and asleep. But I was scared. While I had been rocking her, there were lots of scuffling noises outside. I was sure someone was out there, but didn't want the Husband to make fun of me for being paranoid. So, I put the Baby in her bed and decided to take a look. (It was more like a peek around the corner, knees knocking and not sure what I planned to do if in fact someone was out there.) You'll never guess what I saw. A goat!
I woke the Husband. He remembers that he forgot to latch the gate. (Guess it's good it was the Husband and not Bubby.) We both head outside. There wasn't just one goat, there were five. And two cows. The funny part was the two cows were jammed in the garage doorway, so all you could see were their hind ends. It wasn't too bad getting everything back in the pen. We got back in the house before 12:30.
I was so tired. I just wanted my bed. But the Baby was awake AGAIN and crying. So back to the drawing board. I finally got her to sleep by watching Shrek with me sitting in the chair. She slept till 3 and then started all over again. I tried the Shrek trick again this time thinking I might lay with her on the couch. She didn't like laying. So we sat. She slept through the movie again. Then it was time to get up since we had a Dr. appointment in Springfield. I hate Shrek now. Try sleeping through that movie. I so hope she sleeps tonight!

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