Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Fashioned Fun

We had wanted to try a Taffy Pull for quite a while. It always sounds like so much fun when you read about them in books like Little House on the Prairie.

We had some friends over that we hadn't seen for a couple of months. We let them in on the fun. First you cook the stuff till it reaches 248 degrees, then you let it cool for about 10 minutes, butter up your hands and pull. I don't know why this picture is so dark. But, do you see that tub of butter? Well we used over half of it. The table was literally dripping. There was butter everywhere. Everywhere!

It was the oddest stuff. So sticky. Then we used too much butter and it felt like a big glob of slime and wouldn't stick together.

A couple of kids got frustrated (namely Bubby). They kept washing their hands and buttering up again hoping to get it to work right.

We never did get the desired results. Finally, we just stuck the whole blob in the big mixer and tried that. I'm not sure if it really worked or not. We wrapped up little pieces in wax paper. They were more like buttery peppermint caramels than taffy. But we had fun and lots of laughter. That's what mattered. And the mess cleaned up very easily.

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