Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For Today....

Outside my window...a beautiful blanket of white. And it's undisturbed...my favorite! Soon it will be destroyed by boot prints, 4-wheeler tracks and other signs of life.
I am thinking...about our trip to Wisconsin Dells. We had so much fun! This was my favorite trip ever!
I am thankful for...a husband that will try anything. He just finished his first attempt at drywall and did very well. He's his biggest critic and isn't as impressed as I am. But it looks wonderful.
From the learning rooms...just the usual. Reading, writing and math with a side of home remodeling and P.E. in the snow thrown in.
From the kitchen...something with chicken. and rice.
I am wearing...still in my bathrobe. Can't decide between putting on fresh pajamas or actually getting dressed. Think I'll go for clothes, I'll be more productive.
I am creating...hopefully, a clean house. Drywall dust is lingering in every nook and cranny. I will be painting the ceiling in Bubby's new room. He should be in by the weekend.
I am going...to make snow cream (ice cream made from snow) and snow man soup (hot chocolate with peppermint, marshmallows and sprinkles) for the kids. Painting is at the top of my to-do list (YUCK!), some laundry, playing a couple games with the kids, general pick-up and some school work will round out my day.
I am reading...Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit and One Tough Mother as well as still working my way through those Homeschool Magazines.
I am hoping...to get pictures of our trip uploaded to my computer and posted on here. I'm also hoping to meet my sister's new "friend" and that the Husband will use the tractor to push all the snow from the driveway into a giant pile. I want to go sledding with the kids. We live on top of a hill so we can sled a LONG way.
I am hearing...Sesame Street, the hum of the Corn Stove and the Baby banging a plastic coffee pot on the floor.
Around the house...a giant box from our recent carseat purchase, (Why do we buy toys? These kids have played for hours in that thing.) a basket of laundry that needs folded, the outgrown baby carseat ready to go to a friend, a few toys, paint and construction stuff, an occasional baby shoe...
One of my favorite things...watching the snow fall. It's so peaceful.
A few plans for the rest of the week...supposed to take the baby to the Dr. for her 15-month check up today, but not sure if I want to get out on the roads. Later this week, getting together with some homeschool friends to swim, chiropractor appointment, meeting at church and a trip to Springfield for more paint.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Memory Lane...Wisconsin Dells, 2005. The kids are hanging on my sister-in-law R. We've been going up there for 13 years now. Wow! Time flies. Pictures from 2011 trip to follow in another post.

Have a great week!

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  1. I'm always much more productive when I opt for getting dressed, too. And the earlier the better, for me, although I've been getting lax in that lately but I'm working on it. :) I'm jealous of your snow. They keep predicting it for us here in the suburbs of DC, but then we get just a dusting. I'm happy with just one good snowfall a year, but we don't always get it. Hope your snowday was fun!