Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dells, Part 1

Our family has been going to the Wisconsin Dells for 13 years. Yes, we went even before we had kids. We love the indoor water parks. We have two favorite places to stay, the Kalahari and The Great Wolf Lodge. For the most part, we alternate between them, although our last two trips have been to the Kalahari.
This is the first year that I haven't taken any pictures of the kids coming down the slides. I don't know why I didn't. They sure spent lots of time on them, especially the Master Blaster (an indoor water roller coaster). But we also had a first. We spent time in the regular pool. It's hard to believe that in all the years we've been staying here, we had never been in, let alone play, in the pool.
The kids loved playing basketball! Maybe it was because the older 3 could all touch? I'm not sure, but hours were spent here. Of course Leeny loved having daddy help her score some points.

Maybe this was part of the enticement, Aunt Rachel and her boyfriend Shane. You know, they are way more fun than parents.

Another fun attraction for the girls was the floating critters and ropes. They would zoom across the pool and it was hard to catch their picture. The giggles and squeals of delight just made the Husband and I laugh too.

The Kalahari has a huge lazy river. It begins and ends in the enormous wave pool. The baby would almost fall asleep anytime we took her on it. The big kids love flipping in and out of the tubes. They are anything but lazy on that river.

The best was when I would be floating and the Husband or Bubby would start running and pulling me along. They always managed to come to a complete stop with me under a waterfall. Go figure!

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