Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Memories

Christmas is crazy for us. With 4 sets of parents to visit, multiple sets of grandparents, well, we kind of meet ourselves coming and going. A couple of years ago, we decided that Christmas morning was going to be spent at home and we were not going to be rushed. It was a great decision.

My kids still believe in Santa. They, of course, know the true reason we celebrate. But to be a kid....the Christmas magic....I love it! I think Bubby "knows," but chooses to believe.

Anyway, Santa left a scavenger hunt/clue find for the kiddos. They had to run outside, to the basement (3 times) and all over the house to find their clues, leading to their gift.

Here they are reading the first clue. They were sooooo excited!

One of the clues was under the kitchen table.
What did Santa leave?
A family trip to Wisconsin Dells! We are looking forward to our annual trip.

The Baby wasn't into the presents. She just had fun taking off with the kids stuff and playing with boxes and wrapping paper.

We got Leeny a Pogo Stick. Maybe it will help her burn off her excess energy?!

This was the first year that the Bug didn't ask for toys. She wanted a bath robe from the store, Justice (she likes everything from there) and Bath and Body Works. She's growing up.

Bubby got an electric guitar. It was perfect timing, as his piano teacher just told us that he was ready to learn a new instrument. He taught himself how to play two songs within an hour. Hopefully this guitar will work for a little while. But we'll probably be getting a better one sooner rather than later.
We really enjoyed Christmas this year. Spending time with lots of family is always a blessing. The Husband's older sister was home from North Carolina with her family so that added extra
The 3 older kids were in the Christmas Eve Program at my in-laws church. That church is just beautiful, especially at Christmas time. The program was simple and perfect. Kids telling the Christmas story and the congregation singing Christmas songs together, just makes Christmas.
So that was Christmas for our family. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I say that every year. I hope your Christmas was wonderful too.

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