Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Dells, Part 2

A big draw to the Kalahari is the addition of their indoor amusement park. It has so much to do - a ropes course, laser tag, rock wall, go-carts, Ferris wheel, carousel, video games, putt-putt golf, etc. It really is amazing! Of course we had to try out the rock wall.

The Bug is our athlete. She is also fearless. Two years ago she rode the Skyscraper
as well as some other scary "couldn't-drag-me-on-that-for-any-amount-of-money" ride called the Skycoaster. They strapped her in some contraption that is supposed to make a mother feel ok about having a child 130 feet in the air and then dropping them. It's like watching your heart going outside of your body. I don't think I really breathed on either one of those until her feet were firmly planted on solid ground. So the rock wall, while it's about 2 1/2 stories high is no big deal. It's more my speed.

Here she is harnessed up. I think she climbed that wall 3 or 4 times. She could scale it in about a minute. It was like she ran up the wall. Very fun to watch!

Bubby really isn't fond of heights (just like his mother). He attempted the rock wall once last year and once this year. He went about half way and was done. He made it further than last year so he was happy.

This is fearless number 2. Leeny doesn't even have a healthy dose of fear. She, unfortunately didn't weigh enough to stay on the wall. She could make it a little ways up but then the rope would pull her off. Better luck next time.

Of course the Husband climbed it too. I forgot to take his picture. Oops! But he climbs power poles for a living. I can't imagine a rock wall is too much of a challenge.
I thought about trying it, for a brief second, very brief. The Husband laughed when I mentioned trying it. I probably won't be trying it next year either......

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