Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve

We don't like to go anywhere on New Year's Eve. Too many people, too long of waits and too dangerous. Besides, we're homebodies.
This year was no exception. We made lots of homemade pizza, some family and a neighbor that we think of as family came over. We ate, played games, visited and ate some more. Very fun, very relaxing and made me realize again how blessed we are to have family living so close.

Leeny, the Baby and my niece K. Silly, silly girls. They giggled and squealed most of the evening.
Memaw J trying to learn Bubby's new game, Mancala. The Bug was loving having free range over the junk food.

Bubby and I playing so that Memaw can learn the game. Bubby and I have been playing Mancala every chance we get. It's addictive.

Memaw teaching the little ones how to play Old Maid. She kept them entertained while the older bunch played Quirkle and Rummy.
We didn't plan to keep going till midnight. But we did. Papa T, my sister and I were in a very competitive round of Rummy while Memaw J and the kids played UNO Attack (they were very noisy) and we almost missed the New Year. We paused long enough to say "Happy New Year's" then we finished our game.
It was lots of fun and we're hoping to not have to wait until New Year's to have another game night.

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