Saturday, September 3, 2011

Science Center

Wow! These pictures seem sooo old already. I decided to clean off my camera and apparently it had been longer than I realized.

The kids and I took a trip to the St. Louis Science Center clear back in February. We just had to see the Grossology exhibit before it was gone. It was worth it!

Bubby and Leeny learning what causes us to "toss our cookies." The sounds were incredibly real and I found myself nearly gagging.

The 3 big kids watching a quick video on the grosser parts of the human body.

The Baby greatly enjoyed crawling through the bowels.

Sliding through the bowels was even more fun!

Bug learned what causes snot.

Bubby was kind of grossed out reading more than he ever wanted to know about human waste.

Leeny tried out her skills as a surgeon on a life size Operation game.

Bubby and Leeny shooting boogers at targets. Although the exhibit addressed disgusting aspects of the body, it was lots of fun, we learned a lot, and had fun laughing together.

A more refined activity - building robots with Lego's and programming them. Here they were getting their instructions.

All the excitement wore out Baby. She had a nice nap while the kids built robots.

We took a quick trip through the engineering section and the kids built an arch. It was pretty hard getting #6 in there. Of course they had more fun knocking it over.

A favorite at the Science Center is The Discovery Room. It's an area just for younger kids and full of hands-on learning. It is always a race to see who gets to the wheelchair first.

While we have these at home, Bubby spent nearly the whole hour building with Marble Works. I guess it was more fun here because they have a LOT more than we have.

I was surprised how long the girls spent playing at the water table. They've never had much interest in it before. Both were deeply engrossed in their learning (oops, I mean play).

What a great way to learn Science. Hands on Learning is the best!

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