Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For Today....

Outside my window...the colors outside are so deep. The trees and grass look so dark against the gray sky. It's a stay in your jammies and read a book kind of day. (We're not though)

I am thinking...that I should be doing about 10 different things and sitting here is NOT one of them.

I am thankful...for an amazing hubby that spent the day with us on Sunday. We had so much fun enjoying our kiddos together.

From the learning rooms...the kids and I took a CPR training last week. It was very informative and surprisingly fun! I'm finding that Leeny loves Science. She is like a sponge, absorbing facts and experiments. Bubby and Bug are enjoying their schoolwork so much more this year. I've been incorporating much more hands on (which Bug needs) and lots more History and Geography (which Bubby devours).

In the kitchen...it's Hubby's birthday. His request...steak, mac & cheese, sweet potato fries and apple pie. He never requests anything so I'm excited to cook tonight.

I am wearing...jeans and a flannel shirt. The same flannel shirt that I wore in my senior pictures. I'm not sure if I like it because it actually fits 15 years later (& after 4 kids) or the fact that it's well made and really comfortable.

I am creating...a list of ideas for the kids and I to make for Christmas gifts.

I am going...to be super productive today. Besides schoolwork, laundry and normal housework, I'm going to try to can pears, freeze a box of bananas, cook and change out Leeny's closet from summer clothes to winter. I wonder how much will actually get accomplished?

I am wondering...see above.

I am reading...The Notorious Benedict Arnold. It's actually a book that Bubby grabbed at the library. I read the first two pages out loud to him and well, I stole the book. Now he keeps looking for it but it's so good, I want to finish it. I love History!

I am hoping...to fit in all the fun events the next two weekends. I'm such a homebody and there is much to be done around the farm but there are so many interesting things going on. We're wanting to attend a Civil War Re-Enactment, a candle light tour of New Salem, several wiener roasts, a youth event and a couple of fall festivals. And of course, they all fall in the same 2 weekends.

I am looking forward to...the first wiener roast/hayride of the season.

I am hearing...Elmo talking about using the Potty. Apparently I'm the only one listening. All the kids have disappeared. I bet if I turn it off though, Baby will come screaming. I hear cabinets closing and something going "clunk." It's probably time to go investigate.

Around the house...it's surprisingly clean. We had a family dinner Saturday night and we haven't been home much, so the house has stayed picked up.

I am pondering...which project to start first.

One of my favorite things...spending time with my Grammy and Grandad.

A few plans for the rest of the week...taking Morgan to the dentist, me to the doctor, picking up apples from the orchard, schoolwork, 2 dinners at my house (Husbands birthday and Memaw M's birthday), chiropractor, canning, soccer practice....

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Bug and Leeny participated in a pedal tractor pull and both won trophies. Actually, Bug out pulled any other kid and got the only Full Pull. Bubby rode the train while the girls were pulling. The girls ran to him and I snapped this picture of them telling him all about the pull.

Have a great week! For more Simple Women, go here.

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  1. Hello, I believe this might be my first visit here...I enjoyed reading your post....seems we're on the same wave length with the Fall Festivals....Love the photo.
    Mama Bear