Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Did You Know...

...math is all about patterns? Fractions are easy? Percents, no problem.

How about how did Wall Street in New York get it's name? Wall Street is actually named that because it's where the there had been a wall many years ago, when Manhattan Island was owned by the Dutch. Did you know that?

What causes currents in the Ocean? Where does all that salt come from?

I'm constantly amazed at all I learn while teaching my kids. Was I not taught this stuff? I feel like I'm really learning, like I have "lightbulb" moments so often my kids even wonder what I did learn in school.

Now the history and science information may just be that I don't remember or maybe we didn't cover that particular thing. But the math?

I can't help but wonder if my teachers ever knew about all the patterns? Or although I was a straight A student, maybe I needed more time to fully grasp some of the concepts? I could regurgitate the information for a test and work formulas for math really well. But long term knowledge and understanding?

I'm not sure the reason but I'm incredibly thankful to be able to learn this along with my kiddos. I (and my kids) are blessed that we can take the time for information and new concepts to sink in - to fully get something before moving on. I LOVE learning at home!

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