Thursday, September 8, 2011

The World Through Her Lens

Bug received a camera a couple of years ago. She has taken lots of pictures. Since I was downloading pictures from my camera, I decided to see what she had. Whoa! She had about 500! I pulled a handful or two of my favorites and thought I'd share. It's fun to see the world through her eyes.

Leeny and her baby, Kaelyn.

Taking pictures of each other. Bubby with a loose tooth.

New baby chicks. See the black one under the leaf.

Bug snapped me taking a picture of Bubby.

Bath time.

A focus of many of her pics - The Baby.

Love, love, love that face!

Sisters and friends

Poor Dot-Polk. Her favorite chicken. Our Tom turkey tried to do the "chicken dance" on Dot-Polk's back. She never recovered and Bug lost a favorite. Poor girl. Bug still hates Tom turkey.

Bug put the Baby to sleep while outside. You should have seen the sand in that kids' hair when she woke.

My beautiful butterfly.

This is the Bug's tractor. I think they were getting it ready for the parade. Yes, I know it's purple. That is how we told his dad that Bug was to be a girl - we needed a pink or purple tractor. The husband has this ready before she turned 1.

Flooding early this summer

After weeks of no rain, I would love to have just a bit of this. My gardens are withering in this heat and dryness.

Memaw J, Leeny, K and the Baby

Good pics, Bug!

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