Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Leeny!

Leeny turned 7 on May 25th. Better late than never. Right?

In our family you get to have a friend party on your 7th and 10th birthdays. It was her turn. She was SO excited.

Leeny chose to have a swimming party. She invited her closest friends and their families. Home school families tend to have many children. I think we had around 30 kids plus adults.

Spaghetti is her favorite so we filled a 16-quart roaster full, had some veggies and dip and that was supper. The adults ate while the kids swam. It was great!

I couln't catch many shots of the kids in the pool. But here is one of Leeny in the hot-tub. They were like fish!

She loved opening her gifts and was delighted with each. This was made for her by one of her best buds. She sat it in a place of honor on her shelf at home.

She received so many nice presents and had so much fun. We found it very funny at the number of guns she got - water, Nerf, etc. Leeny is most definitely a tom-boy.

She said later how special she felt that all those people came to her party.

Happy Birthday Leeny! You are a delight! You fill our home with wonder, excitement and laughter. We are so thankful for you!

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