Monday, August 29, 2011


My alarm was supposed to go off at 7. Either I forgot to turn it on last night or maybe I just shut it off this morning, I don't know. The Baby woke me, thankfully, by 7:30 and the day was off. The coffee was wonderful, sipping while reading my Bible. Of course, I'm not sure I caught all that I read due to 4 little people starting their day too. Three loads of laundry, two of which were hung on the line, were done before 9. Supper was defrosting on the counter. A breakfast of leftover buttermilk-oatmeal pancakes topped with sliced bananas and honey and mini-omelets was served at 9:30. A quick clean-up of the kitchen (more like a toss-it-all-in-the-sink and wipe-off the table), fold and put away 3 loads of laundry (from yesterday), and it's 10:00.

School time.

We learn all the time. I think if you are awake, you are learning. But we do have to have some time with the books. First I read aloud from the Bible and a devotion book and we prayed together. Then we read 3 chapters of Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates. After that, a quick stop with Geography, reviewing hemispheres and latitude and longitude along with the composition of the earth. While the kids drew pictures and labeled the earth (crust, mantle and core), I read aloud a Magic School Bus book about rocks and what the earth is made of. We transitioned into reviewing settlers and a little about the Indians and set the stage for the inevitable conflict between the Indians and the French & English. By this time, the Baby was ready for lunch and some attention.
Then came math. Bubby reminded me time and again that he now hates math (just last week it was his favorite). The Bug's lesson involved a fun game (which may be the reason Bubby now hates it). Leeny got to add three big numbers together for the first time and was so excited that she understood it (so was I). There went another hour. Leeny had already completed her handwriting so all she had left was her reading lesson. After a 3-week break, her reading was pretty slow. Bubby and the Bug finished up their language lessons and typing. Now everyone was starving. It was 1:oo.
A quick lunch of leftover pizza and fresh peaches and we were back to work. Well to be honest, while they were eating, I did check Facebook, 2 blogs and hang another load on the clothesline. Following lunch, I put the Baby down for a nap with an Elmo movie, and did spelling, grammar and vocabulary with Bubby and the Bug (not real sure what Leeny was doing). We finished the book part of schoolwork at 2:15. Not too bad for our first day back.
I unloaded the dishwasher (with the Bug)and reloaded it, cleaned up the kitchen (for real this time) and worked on cleaning and crushing grapes for juice (thanks to Leeny). I actually took a 30 minute break and had a conversation with a good friend and sipped on an iced coconut coffee.

The Husband arrived and it was time to start supper. While prepping food for steak and potato salads and raspberry muffins, I got a chance to visit with my sister, my mom and even another friend. What a sore neck, but so worth it!

I could keep listing what I did, but that isn't the point. It was while I was cleaning up my kitchen, loading the dishwasher (again) and watching the Bug make cupcakes, that I started thinking. My days are so predictable - cook, clean, teach, wash and fold clothes, cook again, clean again, maybe can something or bake, talk to a friend, be here with my family. Very unexciting.
I guess I know that in the world's eye, I'm pretty insignificant in my little corner of the world. My "job" doesn't give me any fame or status, I don't get paid, no vacation time and really when I read through my day, it looks pretty boring. Sometimes I wonder that I don't feel discontent or bored to death. It sure isn't exciting or adventurous. I do, at times, feel guilty - guilty that I get to stay home with my kids and maybe I should do more (volunteer somewhere, prepare meals, lead some group, run my kids here-there-and-everywhere, spend more time with friends). But I really don't want to.

I love being home with my kiddos. I love just being here. I love knowing that when they call "MOM!" that I'm available. When they need (or want) to talk, I get to be the one they talk to. I get the privilege of seeing them grow, watching them learn and most importantly, grow in their relationship with Christ. I LOVE knowing they get to be kids - to spend long afternoons exploring their world. And often, if I just take the time, I get to see it all through their eyes. Wow! What a gift!
I mess up all the time and patience is so hard for me. But I honestly can't imagine anything I'd rather do or anyplace I'd rather be. I may not get recognition for what I do everyday, after all, it's really not that tough, but I know that I'm leaving a legacy, a foundation, for my kids' future and generations to come and that's enough for me.

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