Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Baaack...

It's been a crazy busy summer - passing in a whirlwind of activity. But oh so fun! We've had Bible Schools, Kids camps, family visiting from out of state, trips to the waterpark, horse-back riding, fun with friends, a mini-vacation to Hannibal, Missouri, etc. etc.
So little time to be on the computer, so little time to keep up with the weeds in the garden (weed patch). But canning is in full swing as the tomatoes are beginning to ripen.
School started here at the Hart Farm on the 2nd of August. We managed one week. Two of my girls took off on vacation (for 10 long days) with their grandparents - visiting North Carolina, Myrtle Beach, and Gatlinburg. I'm anxiously awaiting their return on Monday.
Bubby got his braces on this month. He's adjusting to them pretty well although he was a little sore for the first few days. He looks so handsome. I'm pretty excited to see the finished result.
The Baby is 22 months and busy, busy, busy! She gets into most everything, loves taking things out of a container (but at least she usually likes putting it back) and has a mind of her own. She will be requiring extra effort on my part in training her. The other kids were so easy.
So there is a snapshot of life and what's been happening around here. More to come....

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