Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wisconsin Dells, Part 4

The Baby gets her own post.
She was soooo much fun this year.
Last year, she sat in her stroller. This year we chased her with the stroller.

She loves balls. Just like her big sister, Leeny. I thought she was going to crawl up in this machine to get one. About that time, some father and son gave her their ball. I guess they felt sorry for her. What did she do? Stick it back in the machine. She wanted to get it her herself. Oh boy! Can't wait for the 2's.

The Baby thought she was the welcoming committee for the baby pool. She would toddle, fall under the water, get back up and greet everybody that entered the pool. "Hi." Then she would talk jibberish like she was telling them the rules or how the slides were or something. She was very animated. It was hilarious!

She is, for sure, one of ours. Not that we ever doubted. But her love of the water slides just confirmed it. She loved it! And didn't even mind going under water. Good. Four out of four love the waterpark.

The Baby also practiced her driving skills. She wasn't all that impressed that this didn't go. She added her own motor noises, but quickly tired of it. I think she likes the real deal at home.

Every once and a while, she'd come and snuggle for a bit. Especially if you had something yummy to eat. I think she was stealing daddy's snack.
The Baby was very busy but exceptionally fun to take on vacation. Everything was new and wonderful to her. I can't wait to see what next year brings.

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