Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Dells, Part 3

Bubby drove a tractor in a parade, by himself, at the age of 3. He's been driving vehicles by himself since he was 5. He started driving a stick-shift at age 7. I would venture to say he can probaly drive better than many 16 year olds and some adults. You can probably imagine his frustration at being told that he wasn't tall enough to drive a go-cart alone. He's been driving those at home, alone, for years along with 4-wheelers and dirt bikes.

This year, he was tall enough. Finally! He was very excited. This might have been his favorite part of the trip. The indoor go-carts are very fun!

Leeny and the Husband getting ready for a race. First you have to listen to all the safety directions.

I even raced this year. Don't you just love my car? It was a fast one. I started in 5th and came in 1st. I'm not usually competitive, but in go-carts I am. I did get in trouble for spinning some guy around on the track. He should have picked one lane. He was a track hog and kept slowing down on the curves. I didn't slow down and well, we had to stop and wait for someone to turn his car around.

Here is Bubby, ready to race. Again!

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