Sunday, February 20, 2011


Why is it so hard to be joyful in the midst of something? ...sickness, home repairs, bad weather, misbehaving children, family troubles - the list could go on and on.

We've been in the midst of home remodeling. For. Two. Months. I thought it was going to take 2 weeks. Boy, was I mistaken! Of course the end result hinges on a list of things that have to be accomplished first. So we have to keep plugging away.

The goal was to add one more bedroom into our home. The toy room was converted into the needed bedroom. Of course it wasn't the easiest of projects. It only had 2 full walls and one 1/2 wall. Hubby had to build new walls, a closet, do the electrical wiring and drywall. Then we had to prime and paint, stain the trim and doors, hang the doors and trim, etc. It finally was completed at the end of January. Bubby loves it! It's a much better use of space.
I, however, had a very hard time keeping my joy during this. My house was totally out of order! Things were everywhere.

The next step was to convert Bubby's old room into a room for the Bug. I figured a couple of gallons of paint and Viola!, room finished. Boy was I wrong! (Seems to be a pattern here). The Husband decided that we needed to scrape off the old paint, sand the walls, re-texture, then prime and paint. It's been rather stressful to say the least. Tonight the Bug is spending her first night in her new room. It's the first time in her life that she hasn't shared a room. The room is beautiful and well worth the work.
But again, I didn't always have the greatest attitude during the process. More of a "stay-out-of-my-way-and-let-me-get-this-darn-project-finished" attitude. You know, after it is done, then we can enjoy each other. No, I didn't let them in on the process. No, she didn't get to help paint her room (even though I told her she probably could). Nope, none of it. I'm ashamed of myself.

Of course there is still much to be done. Now we have to turn the Bug and Leeny's old room into Leeny and the Baby's new room. Then painting the hallway and the front room. Cleaning, sorting, painting. Again. I am dreading it. Was dreading it. I had an attitude adjustment tonight.

What else would I be doing with my time if not this home project? Reading? Maybe. Baking? Probably. Computer? Board games? Phone? Possibly. No matter what it was, I would be joyful. Why? Because it's all about me. And what is that teaching my children? That I can only be happy and joyful when I'm doing something I "like"? My joy shouldn't be conditional.

If my kids mimic me, is this a behavior I want to see in them? Unloading the dishwasher and being miserable? Feeding animals, working in the garden, putting away laundry all with a bad attitudes? These are all things that need done. I wouldn't tolerate that kind of attitudes from my kids. Why am I acting like that about painting and organizing MY house. We should work at all things as though working unto the Lord and not men. That goes for mom too.

So right now, I have a dresser sitting next to my refrigerator. A dresser! The toys? When we tore up the toy room, all the toys had to be moved - the bookshelves, the puzzles, the Little People, a ride-on zebra, all. those. babydolls. and their furniture. They have been in one of my family rooms and the shelves have been lining my hallway. Less than optimal for sure. But you know what? They'll get moved to rightful places when the little girls' room is complete.

I have a lot of painting to do. A LOT! I have a lot of things not in rightful places. A LOT! I'm not getting to spend as much time as I would like to spend doing things I like to do.
But I will be enjoying myself. I will be enjoying my kids in the midst of the chaos (like the impromptu piano concert Bubby gave or cuddle-time with the girls). The house will get finished. And we will not look back someday and say "Wow! That was a horrible time in our family's life." I don't want those kind of memories.


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