Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Outside my window...feathers are flying. Some poor bird just crashed into the glass door. He must have poor eyesight because my windows are dirty. Otherwise, everything is golden. The sun just climbed over the horizon. Leaves are resting in the almost dead grass waiting for a strong wind to blow them away. It is November 9th and we are supposed to have a 75 degree day!

I am thinking...I could get used to getting up so early. (The Baby wakes before the sun when the Husband's alarm goes off.)

I am thankful for...days in November when the windows can be opened.

From the learning rooms...the usual. I'm trying to view all of life as the "learning room," not just when we're sitting at the table. For example, Bubby learned how to chop up a deer for the freezer. That's learning.

From the kitchen...roast beef hash (from the Bug's American Girl Cookbook), Sour Cream Biscuits (same cookbook) and Apple Crisp. Learning again - Bug's cooking.

I am wearing...jeans and a flannel shirt. This shirt is from high school and still one of my favorites. It must have been well made because it is OLD!

I am creating...my brain in a book. It's a notebook with everything at my fingertips. There is a section for calendar, cleaning schedule (yes, I have to have a plan or I get overwhelmed), school stuff, 4-H, Church stuff, menu plan /grocery list, etc.. I don't know how creative it is, but it sure is practical and extremely helpful.

I am going...to do lots of laundry today.

I am reading...two books thanks to my dear friend C. The first is, When You Rise Up. I think my toes will be VERY bloody when I finish that one. The second is, The Read Aloud Handbook. This might step on my toes too.

I am hoping...my dad enjoys his new job (starting next week) and that he realizes what an asset he is to the company. He needs a boost in his self-confidence.

I am hearing...the thud-thud of Baby hitting her head on my chair and then fussing because it hurts (she's ready for a nap), the Bug comforting her and the sound of The Cat in The Hat on PBS (which is driving me batty).

Around the house...a new ride-on toy for the Baby, laundry that is in the process of being put away, a table full of books, toys (I'd kinda forgotten how many a baby can scatter), shoes (again, thanks to the baby). Really, just a lived-in home.

One of my favorite things...snuggles from a baby and footed, fuzzy, baby-sleepers

A few plans for the rest of the week: hanging out at home, a funeral for our neighbor, minor surgery for the Bug, and hopefully some time with friends.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Have a great week!
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