Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking Back

I was looking through some pictures from 2009. These pictures made me chuckle and remember the fun and laughter we had. They also reminded me how much I miss my Aunt D. She lives about 2000 miles away :(.

The Hubby got called away to restore power to an area hit by a terrible storm. The storm was called an "Inland Hurricane" and the devastation was worse than was originally thought. He didn't have enough clothes with him. The kids and I missed him terribly. So Aunt D, the kids and I headed to see him and do laundry.

Aunt D makes life fun. Lots of fun. We spent the night in the hotel. While I was out visiting with Mike and some of the linemen, Aunt D was putting her hair goop in the kids hair. They all wanted spiky hair like her.

This is what I walked into.

Aunt D is Memaw J's sister. Both have incredible sweet tooths. This is what my kids acted like after the massive amounts of sugar and junk were consumed.

*Aunt D wasn't mad, she was telling me NOT to take her picture. Better smile next time Aunt D, bet you didn't plan on showing up on my blog. hahaha!

So the laundry. Apparently most of the guys didn't bring enough clothes. Aunt D and I did laundry for lots of men. She is the laundry queen! I don't remember how many loads we did, but it was a lot. It would have taken me forever by myself.

The facility was not so great. In fact, I'm not real sure it had ever been cleaned. But it was the ONLY laundry with power. At least the linemen's clothes smelled better.

The kids had a ball! The girls thought the laundry carts made perfect baby carriages. Even better was when the started pushing each other around like they were race cars. Of course the racing was mostly due to the fact that they were hyped up on sugar and junk food. Again.

Who knew doing laundry could be so much fun!

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