Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby's One Year Pictures

It's kind of funny. When Bubby was born, I had his picture taken professionally every month, on the day.

When the Bug was born, I wasn't quite as good. We had her picture taken at 2 months and then every couple of months.

Along came Leeny and I was too busy. She had her first picture taken at 5 months.

The Baby was one. Other than one shot of her at Christmas, we haven't had her picture taken.

Does that make me a bad mom?
I do have more snapshots of her though.

So here are my favorites. Now I have to decide which ones I want to hang on my walls, set on my shelves, etc.

How am I going to decide? I like them all.

Each captures a different expression. A different facet of her.


Grandparents, if you have a favorite, let me know and I'll order it for you.

Same for you aunts and uncles. These are the proofs.

Maybe that would help me decide.
What's your favorite?

After all, I can't hang one of each up.

But the little cheeser is so darn cute!

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