Monday, October 10, 2011

Family Fun

I love when our family spends time together -with the husband. He is often so busy providing for our family that it ends up just being the kids and I. When he's along for the day, it's pretty much perfect!
He surprised us and took the day to play. We went to a local fall festival. The weather was perfect, the kids were great and we had a ball!

Bug, Baby, Bubby and I took a ride on this lopsided creation. That was quite a ride! I was very thankful for the chains that held us on. My ribs, however, were not. Next time, I'll skip that one.

They offered "Learn to Drive a Tractor" stations. My kids drive them alone all the time at home, but Leeny and Bubby had to drive them over and over again.

An old steam tractor. Bubby's favorite. He just HAD to have his picture taken on it.

My little scrawny kid tractor pulling in her flip-flops. The man next to me said that he felt sorry for the girls in the flip-flops. Little did he know that when they were done pulling, he'd be eating his words. Don't give my kids a video game and expect much but pedal pulls, no problem!

This is my little ox. She has more strength in that body (especially her thighs) than any kid I know. Not only did she win 1st place, beating all the boys, she was also the ONLY kid to get a full pull. The 2nd place winner was more than 15 feet behind her. And she was in her flip-flops too.

Best vantage point there. The kids love when daddy goes with us. He's lots of fun!

Proud little ladies.

Proof that I was there. Train ride. So often I'm the one snapping pictures, that there are none of me. I hate having my picture taken, but don't mind a few so the kids will know I really was there.

My pride and joys. I love these kids! They bring me so much joy, teach me so much about love, and show me how to enjoy life.

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