Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Around Here...

I can't sleep. It's midnight and the Husband just got called out to work. The roads are icy and he has so far to drive. He's been transferred temporarily to another area and it's double the drive time. He's so tired. It's been well past 11 each night this week before he's made it to bed and he hasn't had any time to just relax. Too much needing done. So I'm praying and waiting for the call that he made it safely to the warehouse. Then I'll try to sleep cause I don't even like to think about what he does when he gets to work....7200 volts of electricity, rubber gloves, hot wires, heavy trucks, below freezing temperatures, no sleep.....

I'm missing my mom. She's out in Arizona for my grandmother's funeral. She'll be home on Saturday. It's funny how we may not see her for a week at a time, but just knowing she is home and not in some far off place, makes me feel better. I'm glad she left when she did though. She was able to be there when her mom passed. Same with her dad last November. I can't even wrap my mind around the thought of having both of my parents gone. But she was blessed to have her parents until she was in her 50's.

The kids are getting excited for Christmas. A couple still have a little shopping to do and are getting nervous that daddy won't take them in time. (I think it's me that they want to shop for).
They are so sweet. Leeny's list changes by the day. So I'm hoping that by the time Christmas gets here, she's cycled back around to wanting the things she's getting. Really, I think she will be thrilled with anything. It's just fun to look at all the possibilities.

We did the sugar cookie baking and decorating late last week. Oh the mess! They had fun, but I was reminded once again why I don't make cut-out sugar cookies very often. The kids also helped me make 8 different kinds of cookies. The rolled them into balls and we flash froze them and then dumped the cookie balls into freezer bags. Now we can just pull out and bake what we need. Fresh cookies for all the places we have to be.

Tonight Bubby and I made rock candy. Well, we attempted it. Stupid thermometer! I checked it in boiling water to make sure it was accurate...actually checked 2. We burned it. Nothing like the taste of burnt sugar with a hint of grape. YUCK! The kids wanted to like it, they tried, but it was awful.
Tomorrow we're planning on making caramels. Sure hope we have a better go of it!

The Baby is fascinated by the tree and leaves it alone for the most part. Her latest obsession is throwing things in the bathtub. Tonight before I could soak in the tub, I had to remove EVERY. SINGLE. BATHTUB. TOY! I also found a Webkinz, my hairspray and a hand towel. Not sure what she was thinking there.

What else has been going on?

We've also been to the orthodontist for Bubby. He'll be starting treatment in the next month or so.

Schoolwork is going well. Of course I often feel like I'm not doing enough but then they surprise me with what they are learning on their own or from just doing things together. I'll post about what I've been learning soon.

Bubby and I went to a visitation for our co-4-H leader. He was 29 and passed away from cancer. I hurt for his family.

We're getting ready to build another bedroom in our house. We'll be tackling that between Christmas and New Year's. Bubby will get the new room, the Bug will get his old room and the Baby will move into Leeny's room. All should be happy including daddy and mommy because we've been sharing our room with the Baby for the past 14 months.

Strep throat has made a unwelcome visit to our house. All of us girls got it with the Bug and Leeny having 2 rounds of it. We've had double ear infections (Baby), viral stuff (Husband) and colds (Bubby & Husband). We're hoping we've paid our dues in sickness for this winter and can coast along until spring.

So that's it in a nutshell. Good Night!

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